Lahore Tree with Elephant


The Lahore Tree with Elephant is an indigo and blue contrast mixed art collection that blends classic Mughal prints with a textured bohemian geometric print base. We experience ornate trees, flowers and mandalas all in one collection. The tapestry offers a calming sensibility to the intensity of our print with a delicate muted blue toned open floral motif. The base of our duvet’s panel print is a rich deep cream-colored wall-tapestry like motif; combined with the top panel of delicate tree on a deep vibrant indigo base. The geo fleece print provides an interchangeable contrast to the highly ornate setting of this room. The duvets are available in three sizes – twin, queen and king, with an option to purchase a king size sham with the king duvet. The remainder of the room features the Three Roses with Butterfly large tapestry, in hot blue dark green; the Carnival Geo Duo 16×16 Suede Zippered Pillow in grey; the Carnival Geo 14×20 Oblong Suede Zippered Pillow in aqua; the Lost Leaves Geo 60×80 Sherpa Plush Printed Fleece in pink; the Quilted Sun Rug, offered in two sizes, both in regular blue shaded with light blue.
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Full Room Combo 1, Full Room Combo 2, Full Room Combo 3, Full Room Combo 4, Full Room Combo 5, Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3, Combo 4, Tapestry 68X80, Suede Zippered Pillow 16X16, Oblong Suede Zippered Pillow 14×20, Sherpa Fleece 60X80, Area Rug 63X84, Area Rug 79X118

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